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The 7th International Symposium "Metrology of time and Space"


The organizing Committee of the 7-th International Symposium "Metrology for time and space" invites You to take part in the Symposium, which will be held from 17 to 19 September 2014 in one of historical places of the Golden ring of Russia, in the city of Suzdal, in the hotel "Pushkarskaya Sloboda".

Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology (Rosstandart)

Russian Metrological Institute of Technical Physics and Radio Engineering (VNIIFTRI)

Morion, Inc.

ZAO «Innovatsionnye Tekhnologii «TEST-PRIBOR» (organization and logistics)

Information report

The program of the Symposium

To apply for participation

Condition of participation


Requirements to abstracts (papers)


Important dates:
Reception of applications for participation in the Symposium - till 30 June 2014 in connection with visa registration
The abstracts submission - till May 30, 2014
Proposals to the draft decision – till July 15, 2014

The holding of the 22nd meeting of the working group CCTF for duplex comparisons timeline – September 15-16, 2014 г. in FSUE «VNIIFTRI» (Меndeleevo). Information about the work of the group will be posted on the website www.vniiftri.ru.

Directions of work of the Symposium

  1. Time and frequency the services.
    1. Time, frequency and Earth rotation services.
    2. Time and frequency standards.
    3. Time scales.
    4. Time and frequency measurements in optics.
  2. Global Navigation Satellite Systems.
    1. Metrology support for GLONASS and GNSS.
    2. Onboard frequency standards for GNSS.
    3. GLONASS and GNSS signals simulators.
    4. GLONASS and GNSS receivers.
  3. Measuring instruments for measurements of time, frequency, length and their applications.
    1. Metrological Provision of instruments for measurement of time, frequency, length, and coordinates and of specialized time-frequency.
    2. Time and frequency transfer through various communication channels,
    3. Calibration and certification of measuring instruments for measurement of time, frequency and length.
    4. Applications of precise time&frequency measurements in basic and applied research.


– Upgraded the State Primary Standard of Time and Frequency in the structure of the State Service for Time and Frequency;

– The Current Status and prospects of development of Time&Frequency and Navigation Measurements in GLONASS;

– The Global Atomic Time Reference Frame – Time Scales and Comparisons;

– Precise Frequency Standards Based on cold Atoms and Ions, Time and Frequency Comparison Technique;

– Measures for Random Instabilities in Frequency and Time;

– Nuclear Time and Frequency Standards;

– Моbile Frequency Standards;

– Modern Systems of Space TW Communication;

– Ultra Stable Frequency Standards on Ytterbium and Strontium Atoms;

– NIST Time Scale;

– Research in the Field of Time Scale Transfer;

– The Status of Development of Atomic Frequency Standard for 3rd Generation GPS;

– The Current Status of Precision Quartz Frequency Stabilization in Regards to Tasks of Time&Frequency Support;

– Recent Result on Time and Frequency Dissemination System Based on Fiber Optical Network;

– Operational Earth Orientation Parameters Determination;

– Method of Estimation of Recording and Playback Performances for GNSS Signals.


Talks will delivered by leading experts from Rosstandart, Roscosmos, VNIIFTRI, BIPM, PTB, NIST, etc.

Publication of materials:
Abstracts and other materials of the Symposium will be published by the beginning of its work.

The Program Of The Symposium
"Metrology of Time and Space " (2014)


For participation in the Symposium should:

  1. To familiarize with conditions of the Symposium on the website ZAO «Innovatsionnye Tekhnologii «TEST-PRIBOR» http://ittestpribor.ru/
  2. To fill in the Application form for participation in the Symposium and to send it by е-mail: symposium@vniiftri.ru. till 30 June 2014

Forms of participation:

  • plenary presentation (the estimated duration of the plenary report - 30 minutes);
  • resentation of the section report (likely duration of the break-report - 20 minutes);
  • publication of the description of exhibit (ad sheet) in the proceedings of the Symposium;
  • demonstration of exhibits;
  • participation in the Symposium (without report).
  • The forms of demonstration of illustrative materials: multimedia projector (basic resolution of 800x600)


  • Symposium registration fee is mandatory for all participants and values $650.

Symposium registration fee includes:

  • an admission to all plenary sessions and all technical sessions of the Symposium in the course of three days;
  • rental of premises for meetings, publication of abstracts, programme of the Symposium, a book of abstracts and the conference proceedings;
  • participant transportation from Moscow airports and Vladimir railway station to the hotel and back;
  • set of handouts Symposium for each participant;
  • visit the Exhibition of measuring equipment;
  • meals, coffee-breaks.


  • Exhibitors are charged a fee of $530 per regular display space (3 m2).

  • An advertising fee of $330 per one page A4 is charged for placing your advertisements in the Symposium Proceedings.

Deadlines for submission of materials for the Symposium:

- abstracts - till May 30, 2014;
- proposals to the draft Decision – till July 15, 2014
Abstracts and proposals to the draft Decision submitted by e-mail symposium@vniiftri.ru.

Abstracts should also be submitted on CD-ROM during the registration of the participant of the Symposium.

The exhibits are presented and exhibited on the opening day of the Symposium.

All questions about abstracts, proposals to the program of the Symposium, on participation in the Symposium, demonstration of exhibits, promotional materials, registration of applications, payment of participation in the Symposium can be set on е-mail: symposium@vniiftri.ru., tel. (+7903) 145-95-17, Kuznetsova Iva. – FSUE «VNIIFTRI»

Special conditions:
1. In the case of an Application and payment of participation in the Symposium after indicated term, reservation of rooms for accommodation in the hotel "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" is not guaranteed.

The Beginning Of The Symposium:
on September 17, 2014 at 10:00.
Prior to the Symposium from 9:00 to 10:00 registration of the participants arrived.
The participants of the Symposium is given a set of handouts and financial documents

Venue of the Symposium:
Russia, Vladimir region, Suzdal, Lenina street, 45, hotel "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" http://www.pushkarka.ru/


Representatives of FSUE «VNIIFTRI» meet the guests of the Symposium in Moscow airports and provide a Shuttle service to the hotel. Departure from the hotel will also be provided with a Shuttle service to Moscow and Moscow airports.

Booking conditions:

At Your request, accommodation for the duration of the Symposium we reservein the otels "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" http://www.pushkarka.ru/

Hotel address: Russia, Vladimir region, Suzdal, Lenina street, 45.
Room reservation in hotel complex is carried out only through ZAO «Innovatsionnye Tekhnologii «TEST-PRIBOR» on the information specified in the application.
Price list of services of accommodation in hotel "Pushkarskaya Sloboda" - http://www.pushkarka.ru/nomernoj-fond/

The 7th International Symposium "Metrology of time and Space"

Registration form


full company name

  1. Full name of participant ____________________________________________________________________________________


  1. The estimated date of arrival and date of departure ____________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Passport details ____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Form of participation _________________________________________________________________________________________________



  1. The full title of the report ____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. full company address and е-mail, ________________________________________________________________


7. Advertising, demonstration of exhibits (name, requirements for space, power supply, additional requirements) _______________________________________________________________________